Psychologist Licensed in New York and Florida


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Helen Rozelman Ph.D. PLLC


I am a doctoral level psychologist, licensed to practice in New York and Florida. My goal is to provide you with accessible, well rounded psychological services.  Working with adults, adolescents and children, I evaluate developmental, behavioral and emotional needs to create your best plan for reaching your goals. I work with individuals on building skills to increase motivation, support emotional regulation, manage anxiety and assist with  behavior management, particularly as it relates to improving health .     

I am always learning and expanding my therapeutic knowledge and skills. My interest in alternative therapies, has lead me to study Karuna Reiki,  aroma therapy and therapeutic horseback riding. I incorporate this knowledge in my work with individuals who are interested in adding alternative therapy to improve mental health.

I also teach courses in conflict resolution and social issues for Fordham University, NYU Silver School of Social Work and Teachers College Columbia University.  While teaching, I realized that people want to be better communicators and are willing to put in the time to learn the needed skills.  To address this need, I organized group meetings for individuals interested in improving communication skills using the principles of conflict management. If you are interested in joining the groups or in individual meetings, please feel free to contact me with any questions. I look forward to hearing form you.